Day: July 11, 2018

  • Spend a Day in the Sun at an Amusement Park Near You

    Spend a Day in the Sun at an Amusement Park Near You

    There are plenty of ways that a family can spend a day together. If you want to go outside with your family but you are not really into nature, you might check out an amusement park. You can ride all kinds of scary rides with your family and laugh with them as you spend a day in the sun.

    Plan a Child’s Party at an Amusement Park:

    It can be hard to think of new ways of celebrating your child’s birthday every year. You might put on a party for the child at a petting zoo one year and then feel stuck the next year. An amusement park can offer fun to all ages of children and you might consider visiting an amusement park with your child for their birthday. You can take a couple of your child’s friends to the park with you or put on a whole party … Read the rest

  • Climate Information The Latest From Al Jazeera

    Weather NewsOur beneath common temperatures are more likely to continue for a while as our climate pattern appears caught in a bit of a rut. There were prolonged downpours yesterday – with more than an inch of rain within the South and East – and forecasters warned of a weekend washout, brought on by a storm system heading in. Thousands and thousands of beleaguered motorists throughout the UK have been stuck in visitors on the most popular bank holiday Monday on document as people make their approach home after the lengthy weekend.

    Largely dry and sunny situations with most temperatures of 77F (25C) are expected to dominate within the South for the three-day weekend, while North West England is the area most vulnerable to showers. Wind: Southwest power 3 or four. Veering west to northwest in a single day and rising power 5 or 6. Additional increasing force 5 to 7 … Read the rest