Annoying Habits of Sports Fanatics

The world cup came and most football fans literally put their lives on hold to watch the was beautiful, no doubt, especially for the fact that it brought together so many people. For a moment there, a HST Lawyer in Toronto took off his hockey jersey to learn a few soccer rules while a diehard football fanatic in the US allowed the thought that soccer is, well, football. It was a beautiful time.

While sports are amazing in their ability to unite people, some fans take it a notch too far. If you identify with any of these habits, then you are an annoying fanatic.

  • You are Obsessed with Stats

Dude, you just won’t give those a rest, will you? You don’t care how well a layer played as long as he hasn’t reached Messi’s scoring record or had as many assists as Beckham. You still obsess over A-Rod’s batting average and will not let these rest even when you should. Statistics are great but so is the current talent. Don’t bore everyone with the numbers all the time.

  • Couch Coach

You are the guy that critics all moves made the team’s coach while seated in the comfort of your home. You are not happy with the day’s line-up and in the event the team loses, you will not hesitate to bring that up. If it wins, well, they got lucky even with a lousy line-up. Here’s a thought; if you were so good at barking orders and running a team, maybe you would not be doing that from a couch, would you? You’d be part of the elite running millions and taking the heat from a live stadium.

  • Negative Nelly

No doubt some teams have had a tough run. Take Arsenal, for instance, that has had a trophy drought for years now and the only hope at clenching the league came with the retirement of Arsene Wenger. New blood, new hope and all. Negative Nelly isn’t having any of that. This type of fan believes that the team is beyond salvage but still, she won’t leave its fan base. Urrgg

  • The impossibly optimistic

Team loyalty is one thing, but it is another to be futilely hopeful for over a decade. Some teams have faithful fans who will not only stay on through turbulence, but they will also defend the management that could certainly do better. As an Arsenal fan, I know that team loyalty prevents one from hoping from club to club looking for trophies, but it is even worse that fans stayed mum over a management team that could have been doing more to secure better players that could win the team glory. The over-optimistic fan overlooks this and hopes for a fortunes to turn.

  • The Obnoxious Celebrity Fan

Okay, nothing wrong with them save for the fact that they get the best seats in the house all the time and they can move from their expensive seats to yell their dissatisfaction without being kicked out of the stadium. You try pulling that stunt and you will be escorted out kicking and screaming.

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