Top 3 Outstanding Budget-Friendly Beauty Tips

A state-of-the-art beauty regimen can set you back hundreds of dollars every month, and even though there is no denying that the effects are stunning, not all of us have that kind of cash or find it sensible to spend it at the salon. Luckily, there are other more budget-friendly options that produce the desired effects no matter what or when you need them, from a work function to a transsexual date! Below, we discuss our top 3 tips to look and feel your best without going bankrupt in the process.

1.    Regular Haircuts Instead of Pricey Products

By the time you stock up on all the professional hair products, from a regular shampoo, a dry shampoo, a matching conditioner, and a hair mask that you use every couple of weeks, you’re already looking at a $100+ for hair care, but the results won’t be nearly as good as … Read the rest