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Anal cancer: Symptoms, causes, and treatments

The anal is the main part of the body from which the body passes the solid waste. Anal is the most important part of the large intenstine. In anal cancer, cells is formed in the tissues of the anus. Anal cancer is rarely develop in anus. It can be treated if identify in early stage. It also having good survival rate. People having human papillomavirus is on high risk to infected with anal cancer. People more than age of 50-55 having more chances to infect with anal cancer. Smokers also having high risk of having anal cancer.

Let’s discuss some symptoms of the anal cancer found in human body.

Bleeding in anus is the main symptom of the anal cancer. You can find the blood during passing the stool. It is the first symptom develop in human body. Bleeding or itching in rectal, the lowest part of the large … Read the rest

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Diabetes type 2 warning: The ‘unusual’ symptom you should never ignore – are you at risk?

When spoken to a bunch of people about their thoughts on diabetes, most people shared the picture of a stereotypical disease which if not treated timely, can engulf a person’s life. Though it isn’t a flowery picture, it isn’t that plain as well. Diabetes, owing to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, has become one of the most common diseases affecting one out of every seven people in the world. It can strike anytime and anyone – be it a man, woman or a child.

However, diabetes, unlike many other lifestyle related diseases, showcases a host of early signs of its existence. These signs are subtle in nature and hence, most often times, go unnoticed.

Noticing little changes in one’s body can significantly help in diagnosing the disease at an early stage and taking necessary measures to stop the condition from turning into a severe one. One can bring about a change in … Read the rest