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Diabetes type 2 warning: The ‘unusual’ symptom you should never ignore – are you at risk?

When spoken to a bunch of people about their thoughts on diabetes, most people shared the picture of a stereotypical disease which if not treated timely, can engulf a person’s life. Though it isn’t a flowery picture, it isn’t that plain as well. Diabetes, owing to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, has become one of the most common diseases affecting one out of every seven people in the world. It can strike anytime and anyone – be it a man, woman or a child.

However, diabetes, unlike many other lifestyle related diseases, showcases a host of early signs of its existence. These signs are subtle in nature and hence, most often times, go unnoticed.

Noticing little changes in one’s body can significantly help in diagnosing the disease at an early stage and taking necessary measures to stop the condition from turning into a severe one. One can bring about a change in their lifestyle, eating habits, exercising regime and making the right health choices.

As per a recent survey conducted by one of the leading global medical associations, nearly 40 million people across the world were diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes in the last one year. Either they experienced a sudden spike in their blood sugar level, the urge to drink a lot of water, fatigued or constantly feeling the need to binge into something. A major chunk of these individuals ignored early signs of Type-2 diabetes and then faced complications.

While the symptoms of Type-1 diabetes generally appear suddenly, the onset of Type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes symptoms are gradual and much less obvious. If a person suspects something unusual with themselves, the best thing to do is to get their blood sugar levels checked. A test can quickly determine whether or not he/she is at the risk or has diabetes.

Type-2 Diabetes Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

If you’re unsure whether or not you’re at the risk of developing diabetes, consider the below-mentioned subtle signs and symptoms of diabetes.

1. An Urge to Pee More Often

Diabetes often makes the body less efficient, especially when it comes to breaking down food into sugar. This causes the sugar to remain in the bloodstream for a long duration and hence, imbalance the body’s blood sugar level. One of the best ways to avoid sugar from accumulating in the blood is by flushing it out. This is why people feel the need to pee more often than usual.

2. Feeling Thirsty all the Time

Many physicians and dieticians state that drinking about 3-4 liters of water everyday is good for health. However, if it exceeds this range, it can significantly pose as a sign of diabetes. Increased urination causes the body to dehydrate and hence, arises the need to drink more and more water.

3. Dark Skin on the Sides of the Neck

Diabetes is known to cause acanthosis nigricans, or darkening of the skin on the side of the neck. An increased insulin level, perspiration and friction in the face and growth factors are some of the common causes of neck skin darkening.

4. Blurred Vision

For those who’ve never felt the need to use glasses before, suddenly experience a blurry vision, must get their blood sugar levels tested right away. Many physicians state that excess sugar in the bloodstream pulls out fluids from the cells and tissue throughout the body, including the eyes. This, in turn, affects a person’s vision.

5. Tingling Feeling in the Hands and Feet

Continuously feeling numbness or tickling in the hands and feet can be a prominent sign of diabetes. This typically happens when too much sugar is present in the body. It begins to affect the nerve-endings, which further results in a tingling feeling in the toes and fingers

6. Constantly Feeling Hungary

Feeling hungry all the time? Blame it on the excess sugar present in your bloodstream. Since blood glucose is not getting regulated properly and it keeps fluctuating from high to low levels, it forces the brain to think that the body needs food. As a result the brain sparks the feeling of hunger.

7. Fatigued all the Time

Constantly feeling tired and drained of energy can be another subtle sign of Type-2 diabetes to look out for. Fatigue typically means the food is not being broken down properly. As a result, the body unable to recharge its energy levels and hence, cause an overall feeling of exhaustion and sluggishness.

8. Cuts and Wounds Take a while to Heal

Studies prove that diabetes can slow down the body’s usual healing process. High blood sugar levels can pose an adverse effect on the immune system, preventing the body’s cells from performing their basic functions.

9. Frequent Exposure to Infections

Just like many other lifestyle diseases, diabetes too impairs the body’s immune system, opening the gates for infections and diseases to invade the human system and cause severe damage. The most common types of infects which follow diabetes include nerve damage, vaginal yeast infection, and reduced blood flow to the extremities

10. Unexpected Loss of Weight

This is an obvious sign of diabetes as weight loss happens fast and can be suspected easily. A person with diabetes typically loses about 10 to 20 pounds of weight within the first few weeks of the development of the disease. While the sign can be misunderstood for another infection, disease or condition, getting a blood sugar test done is a good idea.

11. You Have a Bad Breath

While having a bad breath is often associated with bad hygiene habits, it could have something to do with diabetes as well. Physicians state that ketones, from fat breakdown, are present in large quantities in individuals with an out-of-control diabetic condition. The elements when exhaled out of the lungs, give away an unpleasant fruity smell.

Type-2 diabetes may not be as harmful as many other known lifestyle diseases like cancer, it still poses a threat to one’s life, especially if left untreated and ignored. Identifying early signs of this disease is not only crucial for an early treatment, but from saving the person from facing fatal consequences.

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