Enjoying Great Gastronomy in China

China, a country inherits a very rich and brilliant culture which is also reflected by its gastronomy.

Like French cuisine, Chinese cuisine is also one of the three most famous cuisine in the world. It is characterized mainly by a wealth of ingredients, a complexity of the methods of cutting and cutting, a sophistication in the use of condiments and spices, and finally by a variety of cooking methods.

Chinese cuisines are quite diverse, since each region has its own particular characteristics. Indeed, most dishes are often from the 19th century. It is regrettable that many recipes have disappeared which are often the most refined.

 There are many regional cuisines; the best-known and most popular are the eight regional kitchens (Badacaixi): Shandong (Lucai), Jiangsu (Sucai), Anhui (Wancai), Zhejiang (Zhecai) , Fujian (Mincai), Guangdong (Yuecai), Hunan (Xiangcai) and Sichuan (Chuancai).

Each of these eight kitchens has a long history and specific preparation techniques. The formation of a cuisine is linked to ancestral traditions and gastronomic originalities, at the same time as it is influenced by the geography, the climatic conditions, the particularity of the resources and the culinary habits of the region.

In all, China is an excellent country as regards gastronomy and in order to be granted access into the country and have an opportunity to give these great cuisines a try, a valid China visa is required. This can be obtained after providing  the following documents:

  • An original passport (without passport cover), on which the visa will be affixed
  • A copy of pages 2 and 3 of the passport (on A4 sheet)
  • A copy of a hotel booking confirmation covering at least 2 nights
  • An identity photo in color and on a light background, to be glued or stapled on the Chinese form
  • A visa Application Embassy Form
  • A copy of a confirmation of the flights of entry and exit of China

Upon presentation of the listed documents at the Chinese Consulate or Embassy, the China visa would be processed and ready for collection within a few days.  If you desire to get the visa without any possible form of errors, the help of excellent travel specialists such as Fly For Holidays would be required.

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