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Make the world a better place by doing this

Here are a few things that you can do to make this world a better place:

·       Charity:

Charity is one of the honorable thing that you can do in your life and you can get rewarded in this world and the next one as well. This will not only make someone else’s life easier, but yours too. We live in a world where karma rules. This means that if you do well, it will return to you in some way and if you do something bad, it will come back to you as well. So the more you do good things in your life, it will in turn make your life easier. So begin by involving yourself in various charities and help other people.

·       Responsibility:

Being responsible counts a lot. If you want to change the world, you have to become responsible first and this means that you should look around what’s happening. Vote for the politician who is sincere with public. Don’t run behind the money as you will spend your whole life catching it. Make your children a nice and responsible citizen rather than a burden on society. Train them to help other people and animals too. Be gentle with the children and other human beings.

·       Generosity:

Generosity is to give people whole heartedly. Whether you can afford or not, you are helping the people around you. Being generous is not something that everyone can afford. The more money you have, the more your desire to get money. So the best thing to do is to give money once in a while. This will help to control the urge of getting more and more money. Always remember one thing that money is not everything. There are other important things as well like watching people smile because of you, helping the needy.

·       Eco friendly atmosphere:

Another way you can make this world a nicer and better place is by creating an ecofriendly atmosphere. This means that you have to be a responsible citizen and try to cut the use of all the pollutants in their life. Stop using the plastic bags and bottles. Plastic is one of the major pollutants which is causing harmful effects on our environment. Use paper bags. Try to use public transport so that there is less air pollution. If you want the next generation to breathe healthy air, make sure you do some extra measures for that.

·       Adoption:

Another way through which you can make your life and this world a better place is by adopting a child. If you are not able to conceive, then don’t think that world is ended for you. You can have a child from an orphanage too. This way those children can have a family and you will have the chance to raise a good human too. If you are interested, you can check the and take their assistance. They are helping children to get a nice family.