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Rugby vs Football

It’s a fierce debate. Which is better Rugby or Football? While you can be a fan of both, one normally takes precedence over the other in terms of enthusiasm and fandom. Football is the bigger sport globally perhaps, able to bring a nation almost to a stop when a major game is being played in the World Cup for example. However, for rugby fans – nothing beats the spirit and atmosphere of a rugby match. Here are some reasons why people choose rugby over footy:

1 – The Fans

Rugby fans are great. Rarely, if ever do you hear of trouble before, during or after a rugby match. Footy fans have received some terrible press for their past misdemeanours and matches can still get tense with the potential for violence even today. Rugby fans, however all seem to rub along nicely without the need for huge police presences or security measures. Home and opposition fans are normally not segregated and subject each other to only good-natured banter.

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2 – Respect

This is mirrored on the pitch between the players and the referee and in the stands. Players usually listen with respect to the ref and do as they’re told, which isn’t something you could say of all football players!

3 – The Players

You won’t see any diving, play-acting or pretend injuries in rugby. There is no time for any of that nonsense. Rugby players are more likely to pretend not to be hurt! If you want to improve your rugby skills, take a look at Rugby Drill Training videos at

4 – The Look

Never ones to take themselves too seriously, rugby kits have come in some very unusual wacky colours and designs before. While not as stylish as some of the football players/fashion models of the world (Ronaldo we’re talking about you) – rugby players are more interested in the game than how their hair looks!

5 – Internationals

Aside from the World Cup and Euros, the significance of international matches in football has diminished. However, in rugby they are the top achievement for players and fans alike. There’s nothing quite like a big rugby international to bring a nation together.

6 – The Tackles

Not too much needs to be said here. Tackles are awesome and nowhere near as impressive or fun to watch in football as they are in rugby.

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7 – The Banter

Much of what is said, sang or chanted in rugby is good natured, witty and fun. The sport doesn’t take itself too seriously, offers inclusivity and an altogether more civilised environment than football ever has.

8 – The Passion

When it comes to singing the national anthem or performing the haka, no-one does passion like rugby fans and players. Footballers have been known to barely move their lips, not sing at all or show a distinct lack of enthusiasm when it comes to national anthems, but you could never say that about rugby.