Top 3 Outstanding Budget-Friendly Beauty Tips

A state-of-the-art beauty regimen can set you back hundreds of dollars every month, and even though there is no denying that the effects are stunning, not all of us have that kind of cash or find it sensible to spend it at the salon. Luckily, there are other more budget-friendly options that produce the desired effects no matter what or when you need them, from a work function to a transsexual date! Below, we discuss our top 3 tips to look and feel your best without going bankrupt in the process.

1.    Regular Haircuts Instead of Pricey Products

By the time you stock up on all the professional hair products, from a regular shampoo, a dry shampoo, a matching conditioner, and a hair mask that you use every couple of weeks, you’re already looking at a $100+ for hair care, but the results won’t be nearly as good as if you invested in regular haircuts. Nothing produces that healthy hair glow like a good cut, which doesn’t necessarily have to be pricey. Stay clear of celebrity stylists and posh salons, and find a stylist who’ll cut your hair well, as a result keeping it refreshed and easy to manage. Regular haircut for most people means once every 5-6 weeks, and once you get it all nice and healthy it will be so easy to style and manage at home you won’t need half of those ‘must-have’ products.

2.    Posh Nail Polish Instead of Regular Manicures

Manicures don’t come cheap, and if you want to have nicely done nails on a regular basis, you’re looking at $60+ every month. On the other hand, if you invest in high-quality nail polish that you can use for several months you’re not looking at more than $10-$13 a bottle. Purchase two to three shades per season so you can play with different colors to match your every outfit, and you’re looking at considerable savings while still sporting nails that look as if you’ve just stepped out of a salon. If your nails tend to misbehave, chip or break, hit Wal-Mart or any other discount retail and get yourself a nail cream that you’ll massage into your nails every night before you go to bed. A nail cream shouldn’t set you back more than $6-$7 and yet your nails will look as posh as ever.

3.    Moderately Priced Facials Instead of Pricey Products

Getting a facial every 3 months ensures your skin looks youthful, can breathe, is super-clean, and looks fresh and dewy. You can never get that same effect with just skin products at home, no matter how much they cost. That’s why your money is much better spent on moderately priced facials that won’t break the bank but will do the job, and make you feel radiant and 5 years younger every single time. In the beginning, you should probably go in every month for about 3 months to get that deep cleanse that can’t be accomplished from a single facial, but then you can space them out to once per season. Mind you, having a gentle cleanser at home and a facial cream that nourishes your skin is important, but those don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

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