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What Types of Industrial Fasteners Are There?

An industrial fastener is a piece of hardware that mechanically connects things together. In general fasteners provide a temporary connection from one object to another without damaging the components. Common types are bolts, screws, nuts and rivets. The bolt is a solid piece that a nut fit to. There are hundreds of types of fasteners, including pegs and zippers. Industrial fasteners are also found in use for paper items in a variety of colors and styles to choose from to set up your filing system or paper product system.

Most fasteners are made of titanium and aluminum, alloy steel, carbon steel and alloy steel are used in different grades of the alloy. Choosing a fastener has several components that need consideration, and will these include: accessibility, installation, environment–temperature, water, and potentially corrosive factors. how it is installed, materials that are being joined, if it can be reused, and strength by weight limits. Application of the fastener considerations are: the threading, the applied load on the fastener, the stiffness and the number of fasteners needed should be considered. Special coatings and plating can be applied to enhance the fastener and make it stronger, more resilient to exposure or easier to apply to the object being held together. These coatings are applied after manufacturing.

There is one leading supplier of fasteners in the United States of America. There are several companies that follow and provide quality products online or in brick and mortar stores. Industrial type purchases can be made online and shipped or in person especially for larger amounts or unwieldy, awkward items. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers publishes a few standards on fasteners.

Several websites have information on how to find fasteners. One allows access to several suppliers in one site. Here one will find local suppliers, international suppliers, large industry suppliers, and any variety of suppliers. This site also provides information on expo’s and other conventions and activities to help keep up on industry incentives and current products. There are reference materials available to go along with seminars and other classes that are available to learn the weight restrictions and standards associated with the fastener regulations and laws. Safety and compliance with the local laws is imperative to the contractor who is in charge of the build and they must adhere to all safety guidelines and industry laws. There are current resources available to keep on all the national and local laws. The state in which the build is being done and down to the city laws and requirements are listed in the corresponding books and reference materials.

In conclusion, fasteners are not just nuts and bolts but several concepts need to be factored in before purchase, use and construction begins. Many lessons and even some certifications need to be acquired to use fasteners. These things are considered and discussed in the Institute’s web page that begins with books, videos, seminars, expos, and certification of leaders, contractors and bosses on the job.