7 benefits of yellow sapphire

One of the most auspicious stones out of the all the Navratnas, this Jupiter Stone, Peela Pukhraj  is known by many names such as Gururatna, Yellow Saphire, Pitmani, Pushpraag, etc. The stone is considered as an important stone holding the powers of the heaviest planet of the solar system, Jupiter by astrologers due to its multiple benefits in various aspects of life. If you want to research about the stone’s benefits, then you are at the right place as here we will provide you with 7 wonderful benefits of yellow sapphire.

1. Wear it for a good health!

Yellow sapphire is known to ward off evil spirits and works on strengthening your immune system. It will keep you off from Liver and Endocrine related diseases by increasing pancreas function as well as metabolism by regulation of fat throughout the body. Other diseases for which it acts as a catalyst include Garland cancer, insanity, hernia, etc. The stone is also recommended for women planning to start a family.

2. Extremely good for a successful business and career!

Pukhraj is known to clear your head and improves your decision – making skills which ultimately help you take the right decisions for your business as well as career. Just the mere presence of the yellow sapphire in your work place can do wonders for you. The stone itself is synonymous to power and success. So, when facing any kind of business or career related problems, you know what to do!

3. Great for students too!

The students who are about to write any important exam are also recommended to wear a pukhraj stone as it helps in removing all the unnecessary thoughts from your mind and works towards building concentration. Though the stone is a blessing for all but those who are going in the fields of writing, law, business or trading can be exceptionally benefitted from the stone.

4. Strengthens your relationships!

Wherever the stone is, it spreads positivity, love and warmth all around thus promoting harmony and friendship. Any couple who are experiencing problems, fights, contradiction or any other kinds of problem in their marital life are mostly recommended to wear Yellow sapphire. The couples wishing for a boy child should also wear pukhraj.

5. Fastens the healing process!

It has been seen that the stone works as a catalyst in terms of providing healing, especially to those who were searching for relief from stomach or kidney related pain and problem. It is also a gift for the sufferers of diseases related to liver, gall bladder and spleen. Curing even problems like cough and fever, the stone will keep you safe, protected and healed.

6. Spreads peace!

Suffering from hypertension, stress, anxiety or depression, wearing yellow sapphire can help you a lot. The stone is very loyal to its owner and helps keep the owner away from any kind of negative influence, energies or thoughts. Thus, helping in calming down anger, reducing stress and spreading peace. Yellow sapphire is therefore also used at times of meditation in order to connect better with your inner self.  

7. Promotes obstacle free marriages!

Yellow sapphire is really beneficial for those who are facing problems in getting married or are separated from their lovers. A promoter of love and harmony, the stone is often used in engagement or wedding rings to ensure marital bliss in the couple’s life. Wearing pukhraj by women can also help her get, her dream groom as well as all the pleasures of a happy marriage.

We hope that you achieve your goals wearing this wonderful stone!

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