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Anal cancer: Symptoms, causes, and treatments

The anal is the main part of the body from which the body passes the solid waste. Anal is the most important part of the large intenstine. In anal cancer, cells is formed in the tissues of the anus. Anal cancer is rarely develop in anus. It can be treated if identify in early stage. It also having good survival rate. People having human papillomavirus is on high risk to infected with anal cancer. People more than age of 50-55 having more chances to infect with anal cancer. Smokers also having high risk of having anal cancer.

Let’s discuss some symptoms of the anal cancer found in human body.

Bleeding in anus is the main symptom of the anal cancer. You can find the blood during passing the stool. It is the first symptom develop in human body. Bleeding or itching in rectal, the lowest part of the large intenstine where body stores the stool is also the common symptom of the anal cancer. The person may also feel pain in the anal. In women, they may feel pain in their low back due to the pressure of tumor on the vagina and also feel dryness in vagina. Anal infection with HPV is also a symptom of anal cancer. Unsual passing from the anus is the symptom of anal cancer. A lump is also develop if you are having anal cancer, where the lump a swallon blood vessel is hanging out of the anus.

Anal cancer develop in human body when the healthy cells converts in abnormal cells. Healthy and normal cells grows gradually and die after a set time but the abnormal cells grows out of control and they don’t die. Then these cells invade and separate from tumor and spread in other parts of the body. Person with age of 50 and more are the easy target of anal cancer. People having many sex partner having the high risk of getting the anal cancer. When the body do not have the strong immune system having the high risk of infected with anal cancer as the lower immune stystem makes the body weak and body can’t fight with the infections.

The chain smokers are also at high risk of anal cancer, as the tubacco chemicals may be spread in the body may develop the anal cancer. If the person having redness, swelling in their anal is also a chance of infected with anal cancer. But there is a chances that the person having the anal cancer do not have any symptoms and causes.

When the anal cancer is develop, then the doctor or the team will contact you to find the solution of getting treated. Now, there are three methods are available to treat anal cancer. Doctors try to give you the treatment so you can live your rest of the life with no pain.

The first option of treatment is surgery, but the surgery is not the first choice for doctors, as its depends on the tumor size and location. A surgery known as local resection is a type of operation which removes the tumor and some healthy cells near the tumor. But it is used when the tumor is in small size and did not spread to neary by tissues. In most of the surgerys the local resection saves muscles from which the stool comes out and allows a patients to moves their bowl freely after the surgery. The other surgery is abdominoperineal resection, which is used for major surgery. In this operation, the doctor makes a cut in abdomen and in anus to remove the anus the rectal. If the anus and rectal is removed then the patient is not able to passes the stool so the doctor make a small hole to the colon and a bag to store the stool called colostomy.

The second option of treatment is radiation theraphy, in which the doctors uses a high beam to kill the cancer cells. This therapy is the main treatment for cancer with chemotherapy. There are two options in radiation therapy to treat anal cancer, first is external beam therapy, in which the doctors used the radiation from the machine to out side the body. This is the common treatment used by the doctos in radiation therapy. Second type of radiation therapy is intensity-modulated therapy. In which, the doctors used the computer machine to operate the tumor.This techniques helps to limit the dose of radiation contact the normal tissues.

The third option of treatment is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy simply refers to use the drugs to treat anal cancer. Some drugs are intake from mouth or some are to be injected.Then these drugs kills the cancer cells present in the anal. Chemotherapy can be used with radiation therapy and it is the most common treatment for most of the cases of anal cancer. If the cancer cells are still present after the chemotherapy, then doctors may give sevelra chemotherapy to the patients. It is given with the radiation therapy to kill the cancer cells if they left behind. This reduces the chances of develop cancer cells again.

Anal cancer is also a type of cancer found in human body in anus. It is highy treatable if diagnosed in early stage. Anal cancer is very rare type of cancer find in human body. The treatment of anal cancer is possible. It is also very easy to diagnos as rectal bleeding is the most common symptom of anal cancer. The persons having more sexual partner during their life, the smokers and HIV patients are at the high risk for getting anal cancer. It can be diagnosed when doctor examination, colonscopy, CT and MRI of the abdomen. It is good to be aware of these type of cancers and if you find any symptoms for it, you must connect with your doctor or cancer specialist for better tests and treatment. This is help you to fight with the anal cancer and have the high chances of getting treated it with. Every disease is treatable if you find the treatment at right time.