The Pros & Cons Of Reaching Out To Executive Recruiting Firms

The Pros & Cons Of Reaching Out To Executive Recruiting Firms

To be in the Human Resource Department is not easy, especially when you have to hire new employees. As the person in-charged, it is not enough to simply look at the application letters and resumes of the people, who are showcasing their knowledge and skills. Indeed, conducting an interview is not the only task of this department because they also have other clerical tasks to work on. Indeed, this is just one of the reasons why these companies have decided to deal with executive recruiting firms in town.

An executive recruiting firm is a company that are experts in sourcing potential applicants or candidates with the best talents, knowledge and skills. They are also agents, who scout for individuals, according to your specified requirements. Let’s say that these firms do a part of your job. That’s why they are being paid for this kind of service. I know that this is a tough thing to accomplish, but they are going to send your order without disappointments and regrets.

The companies are exclusively working hand in hand with various big companies in the country. They are professionals in this field, so you won’t have problems dealing with them. I bet, reaching out for their services will be very beneficial to you and the company. Though, we cannot also avoid downsides on this project. Anyway, before reaching out for their help, you better learn more on the pros and cons of dealing with them.


The Pros & Cons Of Reaching Out To Executive Recruiting Firms

The Pros

Executive Recruiting Firms are experts when it comes to scouting for multi- talented and multi-skilled individuals. They can easily get these people because they have connections and a network of referrals. Sometimes, they do not even need to look for people because the people they know can recommend a person, who are highly skilled. Let’s say that they have access to the best executive companies. Through this, they have the capability to collect talents, even when you are not yet looking for them. When the time comes and you will ask for their services, they refer you the best on their list.

These people work with confidentiality just like how investigators do. Of course, as professionals, recruiting someone, who is already in a position is easy to deal with. Let’s say that they can discuss with an executive of one company, some conditions with the aim of filling in a position and leaving the current one. Indeed, that is one of their expertise, which is very helpful when you have plans of hiring someone, whom you really need to have in your own office. This shows that they find jobs for individuals and not let them directly apply. Read this to know how recruitment and direct hiring differs.

Delivering the services would be very fast and that is a part of their professionalism. The turnaround time would not take long because they don’t like you to wait. They respect your time so much, that’s why, if possible, they would like to perform all the interviews and screening as soon as they can. And then, they will assure you that it is ready in 2-week time. This only means that these firms will work on the project with all effort and focuses on this because they set time frame and it must be followed.

The Cons

In my opinion, these firms specialize and are experts in recruitment for particular positions. In fact, this is a quite complicated job and it is not that simple to manage. You have to devote your time in finding the best for your client’s satisfaction. These agencies are sometimes difficult to reach because you need to contact the ones, who knows your niche very well.

Because of this, they are highly paid and you may find it expensive to hire their services. If you are in the UK, then go to and see how they charge fees.

Another thing, as a job hunter or an applicant, who is recruited by this firm, be aware that they will get a percentage from your salary on your first year, aside from the fee as a recruiter or agent. Some companies collect as much as 35%, while the others charge you 25%. That is actually too much, if you are going to think that this will just fly away, but without the recruiters, you may not have landed on that job.

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