How Hippie Fashion Trends Have Changed Over The Years

Hippie fashion trends changed so quickly that it is difficult to keep up at times. But do you believe that looking at old fashion trends can tell you a bit of history from that time? Considering what people actually dressed in can help you picture what hippie fashion was all about some years back.

This is the way hippie fashion changed in some centuries ago:

The 1920s

The 1920s were a stimulating period all over the world as far as hippie fashion is concerned. It was the end of the World War I, the time when there were jobs and money for people, and when the rights of women were changing. The women received the right to vote in the United States in 1919.

By and large, people kept feeling good, and this actually reflected in the clothes each person was wearing. During that period, women dressed in elegant style. This comprised of dresses with tassel, brilliant makeup, and short haircuts. Men dressed in suits, bowler hats and suspenders.

The 1950s

The hippie fashion style in the 50s showed people’s gladness after the end of a war, just as witnessed in the 1920s. It was the end of the Second World War, and for that reason, fashion changed. Women dressed in wears that revealed their figure more during this period.

Hairstyles also changed from the low cut that was reigning in the 1920s, to a longer style with curls as an alternative. The 1950s brought oily style for men. During this period, men were seen wearing black leather jackets, white T-shirt, and jeans.


Great! These periods were known for many activisms and the hippie group. At this period, clothing was very vibrant, and comprised of miniskirts, bell-bottom pants, and tie-dye. Both men and their women counterparts had long hair for the very first time in a long period. In addition, men began to grow beards and mustaches again. The ‘70s were all about good times and music, and people’s clothes really showed that.


The 1980s hippie fashion style was controlled by much music. There was trendy music at this period. Hair and jewelry for women were big, and their makeup was brilliant with countless colors. Those concerned dressed in black clothing with profound eye shadow. Both men and women dressed in many fitness clothes; such as colorful tights.

The 1990s

The 1990s were more realistic, unlike the 70s or 80s. During this period, women still had big hair, but the makeup was more natural. A lot of people dressed in jeans and plain colored shirts alongside Converse shoes, which turned out to be very popular.

At this period, many people also began getting more piercings than in other decades.

The Present

Today, people dress depending on many different influences. Some fashion choices are even based on the looks from previous eras, resembling the ones discussed above. Hippie fashion trends revolutionize at all time, but you can still keep up with the hottest styles by watching television or looking at what your preferred celebrities dress in.

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