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In 2019, social media is crucial to any company that delivers a service to a large customer base. Knowing how to communicate with your audience, increasing your following and generally impacting your business in a positive manner is vital, though social media can seem a bit overwhelming to people and therefore they may need assistance. That is what we can provide here at Simba Digital Marketing Liverpool, and here are some ways that we can build and promote the social media channels for your particular organisation.

The first thing is to identify which channels you wish to use, because every channel has a different form of communication. Facebook and Twitter can be more personal and interactive, portraying your company as if you are a part of your own target audience. LinkedIn, meanwhile, is more professional, and is based on making deals happen with potential partners. As for Instagram, this is much more visual due to the emphasis on imagery, and YouTube focuses on video content that can take on all forms. Two industries that thrieve well on instagram are beauty and car vertical. Ray Cochrane beauty academy has seen tremendous growth thanks to social media and this has worked well with our dealership clients like rix motors in warrington cheshire. Many companies have multiple channels, so it’s important to work out where you want to be before it is determined how you wish to speak to them. Case studies on our websites will highlight how we have assisted other companies like accept car finance increase their visibility.

From there, it is crucial to work out what your goals are with social media. Are you simply hoping to boost your profiles so that you have increased followers? Are you aiming to bring your followers to your website with the increased use of links and messages about special offers? Might you be looking to demonstrate what you do in a visual form, either via photographs on Instagram or via video on YouTube? Or it about converting social followers and web visitors into customers, ensuring you get a return on your investment? Another useful case study from leaf tea shop will highlight out achievements in this field. Working out your goals will make the process of handling social media more successful.

Finally, remember the word “marketing” from the title of this article; how your organisation is marketed, especially to those who are not currently followers but who you are hoping to attract. This is where paid social ads come in; a brief advert on Facebook or Twitter, for instance, in a static form that sums up your business in a nutshell with a striking image could make a major difference when it comes to catching the eye of those who otherwise may never have stumbled onto your products. Such ads can also use filters to narrow down age groups, genders, locations and particular interests so that you really do find the most suitable potential customers based on what your company offers.

All of this and more is covered by our social media management here at Simba Digital with collaboration with Kalo, and you can find out more by visiting

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