Erectile Dysfunction:  Does it affect a man’s ego?

Many years ago, and as a younger male, I always thought Erectile Dysfunction was something that happened to men much older than I.  Along these lines, I always envisioned Erectile Dysfunction happening to a man around the age of 60 or 70, or somewhere in that age range.  Again, somebody much older than I.  However, as I’m getting close to age 40, I realize that I’m slowly getting closer to the age where Erectile Dysfunction could happen to me.  I say this as I know friends, that are around my age, that are having symptoms that sound similar to Erectile Dysfunction.  Needless to say, having friends in Greece that have similar symptoms was, and still is, an eye opening experience.

Does an Enlarged Prostate Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

I think for many men, including myself, once they turn 40, is about the time that Erectile Dysfunction starts to enter one’s mind.  As this is the time where men start to prostate exams, which is kind of the “gateway” of sorts for these kinds of things.  When men are younger, they feel invincible and feel that nothing will be able to slow them down.  While this may be the case for men in their teens, twenties, and thirties, age eventually has a weird way of catching up with everybody.

Erectile dysfunction: exercise could be the solution

Once age 40 rolls around, it’s important to get yearly physicals, as this is a very effective early detection process.  Also, it’s vital for men, especially men at or above age 40, to maintain physical activity.  Also, another key factor is a healthy diet, which minimizes the intake of red meat and maximizes healthy fruits and vegetables.  I stress these two items, as I truly believe physical activity and a healthy diet play a huge role in preventing many diseases.

What is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction?

However, I’ve heard that it’s not really a matter of if, but rather when, a man will get Erectile Dysfunction.  This being the case, even if I do get Erectile Dysfunction, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I failed or somehow caused it to happen.  Again, most mean in their lifetimes, especially if they live to be old enough, will likely have Erectile Dysfunction.  If it happens to me, then the only obvious treatment path is to go to a doctor in Greece and follow the doctor’s advice and treatment regimen.  Treatment could be Viagra pills or possibly some sort of invasive surgery, which could have lasting side effects.  With this in mind, I would prefer pills, if at all possible, however that decision is better left to the doctor.

Are you embarrassed by erectile dysfunction?

To me, there shouldn’t be a stigma surrounding Erectile Dysfunction, as it’s an almost common disease.  Rather, like men treat any other obstacle in their life, I think it should be handled/addresses head on.  As it isn’t like Erectile Dysfunction isn’t a death sentence.  On the other hand, Erectile Dysfunction can be an embarrassing situation, which is likely the single largest hurdle to pursuing Viagra or Cialis treatment.  However, even though it’s embarrassing, it’s still treatable, so why not talk it over with your wife and form a plan.

These are my thoughts on Erectile Dysfunction.  I hope this provide a bit of insight around how I view it.  I think many of my friends view it the same way.  In that, in that these days there’s pills for just about everything under the sun, and yes even Erectile Dysfunction.