Asian Fashion In US

Asian Fashion In US

Asian-American people, most of the time are labeled and are thought to be individuals that have a rich culture and hold ancestry from Asian countries from the east and pacific sides of Asia.

The Asian culture has without a doubt been integrated into the American way of life with Asian cuisine and fashion rapidly being embarrassed by Americans.

Asian Fashion In US

There have been many successful Japanese fashion brands in us that have become household names in the fashion industry.

Hop on to gain some insight into some of these fashion brands that have stormed the industry with remarkable magnitude.

With this in mind, let us take a closer look at Asian fashion in the United States; how it comes up, and how it is fairing along.

How it all started

Most of the Asian-American people originate from East Asia, the Pacific, and South Asian countries.

After their settlement in America in the early eighties, these individuals come up with fashion labels that have changed and shaped the fashion industry in America, more so in New York.

This is a group that certainly could be said they counteracted the unchanging idea of what it meant to be an Asian-American.

It was only 14 years ago when the Asain tiger had just started to influence most parts of the world.

Designers whose roots were in China, Taiwan, and other parts of the continent were roaring back in 2013 at the New York fashion show of the International winter the ABC or “American-Born Chinese”.

This was when the Asian-American folk took the power position and began revolutionizing the fashion industry in America.

The representation of Asian Americans towards fashion and mainstream media in general has been slow to come in America.

They’re still too few actors that represent the Asian community in Hollywood and the red Carpets.

Experts have argued that Asians do not fall under the black-white racial dynamics in America which orphan diminishes their significance due to their Apparel history of the country.

However, Asian designers have become a force to be reckoned with especially in the fashion design industry.

More and more talented  artist of Asian descent are rising up and significantly representing the

Here are some of the most influential Asian designers present in the United States today

· Mr. Wu

Mr.wu says that growing up, fashion and arts was not something that he would have considered as a relevant career choice.

However, once he began being successful with everything he was doing in America, he decided to go back to Taiwan, his home country.

He was then very honored and surprised by how proud people were of his success.

After that, he hoped that his success will influence more young people to become open-minded and creative, to be inspired to become fashion designers and what they desire to be.

· Peter Do

Peter do is one of the most sensational Asian American designers who have caused waves in the American fashion design industry,

His designs major around creating unexpected silhouettes that embody creativity and ingenuity.

Peter do you say talented designer having fun making it to the finals or lvmh prize awards.

Sportswear-inspired designs come in various unexpected and shapes and sizes with asymmetrical cuts and sometimes oversized shapes.

This is why Vogue remarked that Peter do wasn’t just making garments rather he was making suits of the moment- a high bar indeed.


It is needless to state the significance of Asian designers that have impacted the fashion scene in the United States.

Many Asian brands have become household names in the industry known for producing trendy and sophisticated designs.

Their work has made statements all across the globe as their craftsmanship and use of luxury materials have been conceptualized to produce outstanding presentations.

Many people attribute Asian designers’ success and determination to their incredible work ethic and cultural values that they hold.

Asian fashion’s impact and success have transcended to the global market as many other people have slowly embraced designs that are Asian-inspired or have been produced by creatives that identify as Asian.

However, as much as there are several designers of Asian descent getting recognition for their outstanding work, there are other talented Asian designers and creatives who are inevitably slipping through the cracks.

Invisibility within Asian creatives in the fashion industry persists, there is always room for improvement.

Make sure you check out some Asian fashion brands to get inspired by different designs that have some form of Asian inspiration.

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