What Can You Do To Contribute To A Better Environment?

What Can You Do To Contribute To A Better Environment?

There is waste all over the world, both energy and food. The environment is burdened by our waste and that is not a good thing. Time to do something about it! Every little bit helps, you make a real difference. But… Where do you start? What can you do to live in an environmentally conscious way? In this article we tell you what you can do now for a better environment in the future.

Avoid disposable plastic

Plastic is one of the most polluting objects, because it is almost indestructible. In addition, many animals, such as birds, can suffocate in the plastic that is left lying around. Therefore, buy your own metal straws that you can take with you everywhere you go. You can also replace plastic bags with cotton bags, and buy a thermo water bottle so you don’t have to constantly buy plastic bottles. Plastic packaging for food or other products also flies around your ears. Therefore, pay attention to ecological packaging. Calaso is a provider of ecological packaging. Are you an entrepreneur and do you need it for your products? Then be sure to take a look at their site to find the right information.

Eat less meat and other animal products

Meat is one of the main causes of CO2 emissions. It is also ethically responsible to choose vegetarian and vegan options (more often). At many supermarkets and restaurants you can find many meat substitutes. If you find it difficult to eat completely animal free, organize a vega day per week. That way you’ll still make a difference!

Turn off the lights and take shorter showers

Sometimes it’s very tempting to take long showers or leave the lights on, but this also puts a strain on the environment. Try to save more energy by taking shorter showers. If you find this difficult, set a timer. Also, always turn off the lights when you leave a room, or light more candles so you don’t have to turn on so many lights. This way you’ll make it cozy, too!

Plant a tree

You may not think of this right away, but anyone can plant a tree. This creative way to improve the environment is not only good for the flora and fauna, but it is also very special to do. Through various organizations you can plant a tree on a specially selected piece of land or donate money to plant trees in other parts of the world. But you can also plant a tree in your own garden. At most garden centers you can buy a mini tree and plant it yourself.

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