Five Family Friendly Suburbs in Sydney

Five Family Friendly Suburbs in Sydney

If you have a family, you can find a great place to live in Sydney. However, there are a lot of factors to consider before you make the move. In this article, you’ll discover five of the best suburbs in Sydney for families. These suburbs are perfect for families and have everything you need to raise a happy and healthy family. These suburbs are also safe and affordable. 

Before you decide to pack your bags and hire an interstate removalists Melbourne to Sydney company. You need to know where you are moving to and what areas of Sydney is best suited to your family. This article will allow you to gain some insights into five family friendly suburbs in Sydney. Here’s a look at each of them.


Ambarvale is a small and affordable suburb located 55 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD. It is located in the Macarthur region and is a great place to raise a family. It is conveniently located near medical facilities, public transport, and shopping centers. Families who are looking for a suburban community that has many amenities and a great school district will find that Ambarvale has everything they’re looking for.

Families with children will also find a range of excellent public and private schools in the area. This suburb is close to the city, only 8 kilometres away, and has an express train that makes it easier to commute to work. Lastly, residents will find the crime rate to be much lower than the city average, with just 23 incidents per thousand properties. This means that families looking for a place to raise a family will feel safe and secure in their new home.


Located in Western Sydney, Blacktown is a family-friendly suburb that offers a variety of shopping and recreation opportunities. The town is home to the Westpoint shopping centre, which offers many department stores, boutiques, and medical facilities. The mall also hosts the Twilight Food Market, a monthly event that attracts local foodies and food trucks. There are many parks and community facilities located in Blacktown, and the suburb is well-connected via several major roads.

Despite its location, Blacktown is a popular suburb for first-home buyers. The prospect of renovating or rebuilding an old home is very appealing. There are many five-bedroom family houses in Blacktown, and the median price is around $680,000. The area is close to schools, childcare, transport, and shopping, and has easy access to the M7 Westlink and M4 Western Motorways. If you find the first suburb you move into doesn’t quiet seem to fit into your family’s lifestyle, there is no stopping you from leasing a home in a different nearby suburb. A simple call to removalists in Sydney may be all you need to get things underway. 


Located 46 kilometres west of Sydney’s central business district, Emerton is a safe haven for families. It is home to two schools, the Emerton Sports and Recreation Centre and the Emerton Leisure Centre. There are many parks and cycleways throughout the area. Residents are generally young and active, and the median age is 30. The area is heavily populated by public housing, built during the 1960s, and extensive terrace-style complexes. This housing type is slowly being replaced by privately built modern homes. The most common types of housing in Emerton are a separate house, a row/terrace house, or a townhouse.

The city is easily accessible and offers a wide range of facilities to residents. There are many shops and dining establishments to choose from, and public transport is reliable and quick. Families with children can find the best schools in the area for a reasonable price. In addition to public schools, there is a Catholic girls’ school, Brigidine College. The Preparatory campus of Sydney Grammar is also located in the suburb.


The area is home to many Asian restaurants and cafes, as well as a shopping mall and RSL. The area is also known for its affordable and quality goods and services. While it is a predominantly working-class suburb, it has a good number of schools and places of worship. Children and parents will find an active, friendly community that’s great for playing sports and making new friends.

It is home to more than 18,000 residents and is the largest multicultural city in Greater Western Sydney. Over half of its population was born outside Australia. Some ethnic groups include Iraqis, Assyrian Christians, and Latin Americans. The community also has a large Aboriginal presence. The Fairfield area is home to many diverse communities, and residents speak many different languages. Whether you’re looking for a suburban community or a bustling city, Fairfield has something for you.


This suburb is a great choice for those who are looking for an outer-Sydney location and a suburban feel. It has an excellent school system and is within a short drive of the city center. The area has a very diverse population with a low crime rate. Its suburban character is flexible, with a mix of semi-detached dwellings and single-family homes.

For families with budgetary concerns, the suburbs in the western parts of Sydney have very low house prices. A few examples include Minto, Tregear, Shalvey, and Ambarvale. If you’d like to move to an area with a lower price tag, you can also consider Fairfield or Carramar. These areas are all very affordable. This means that you can afford a family-friendly area while still enjoying the convenience and peace of living within the city.

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