The surprise was huge for you when your partner suddenly told you that he does not believe that he is the real father of your child. For many years your relationship has been very well, however, this major issue has come up and you don’t know what to do. This blog will give you a guideline on how to move forward in this situation.

Ask your partner about his reasons

When a man confronts you like this there are reasons for him to do so. They might not be obvious to you right now, so a great idea is to find out why he is saying what he is saying. Most probably there is an issue with trust. Maybe you have done things in the past that have led him to doubt your loyalty. Maybe things have come between the two of you that have made him insecure, and now he projects these insecurities onto your child doubting that he is the genetic father. In any case, listening to your partner’s doubts can be very helpful in the beginning.

Giving your partner reassurance

After you have found out what it is that lets your partner doubt if he is the genetic father of the child or not, you can give him reassurance. Maybe he has felt neglected in the pastime, and is therefore starting to fear that you might not want him anymore. Once you know what need of his is not getting met in your relationship, you can give him reassurance and make sure that he feels secure in the relationship again. This way he might stop worrying about the question, if your child might be the child of another man.

Paternity testing

If nothing has helped so far, and if the questions and the reassurance have not calmed your partner, then another option could be doing a paternity test. In this case, you can order a home dna test kit and do the test at home. Once you have collected the DNA samples of your partner and your child, you can send the samples back to the laboratory to have them analyzed. In case that you are pregnant and the child is not born yet, you also have the option of doing prenatal dna testing. In both cases, you will soon get a very clear and accurate answer about if your partner is the genetic father or not.