Do Tree Loppers Need Insurance?

Do Tree Loppers Need Insurance? Some occupations require insurance more than others.
Tree loppers need these just as much as others.
As a tree lopper, you are well aware of the serious risks that you face at work either it may be personal injury or property damage.

You can still protect yourself with public liability insurance even for how risky your endeavors are as a tree lopper.
This insurance is called a tree loppers insurance.

What are tree loppers?

First off, we need to gain some understanding of tree loppers and the nature of their occupation.
“Tree lopper” is a term that describes someone who lops or cuts trees for a living.
Tree lopping is necessary mainly for safety and aesthetic reasons.
Sometimes we need more open spaces, more light from the sun to come down on us.
And more public safety by reducing any chance of property damage done by the outgrowth of trees.
Overlapping branches can bring public danger, so removing them requires a lot of care.

Are tree loppers the same as tree surgeons?

A tree surgeon is a tree expert who can perform tree surgery on environmental overgrowth.
These professionals do a better job of shaping trees and encouraging their growth.
Tree lopping should even be done by certified tree specialists such as tree surgeons.
As tree loppers aren’t required to be skilled in cutting trees.

Tree surgeons are equipped to produce quality craftsmanship by recommending a different approach that keeps the tree safe and free from developing any diseases or unnecessary outgrowth.
Only true tree specialists such as tree surgeons can perform directional shaping without stunting the tree’s growth or putting it in harm’s way.

Businesses that are only performing low-quality tree lopping might also fall short in other areas.
Such as ensuring property safety or reducing property damage.
The worst-case scenario is when the business of tree lopping fails to have adequate insurance in the event of property damage and other accidents.

Do you need insurance as a tree lopper?

There are garden and park services that need insurance more than others, and tree loppers fall into that category. As mentioned, people who do tree lopping has some serious risks faced every day when it comes to personal injury and property damage.

What insurance is needed?

With these potential risks, you can now protect yourself with public liability insurance.
In the event of any property damage or personal injury, public liability insurance is meant to protect you.
You or anyone who’s been in the industry may have witnessed different forms of damages and injuries caused by trees falling and chainsaw mishaps. For these reasons public liability is a must for anyone running their own business or working as a subcontractor in the tree lopping industry.

If tree lopping is your occupation, you will find that some insurers do not have insurance coverage for that at all!
As an insurance company, GSK Insurance is aware of these concerns and we would like to reach out to you to provide the appropriate protection suitable for you in the business of tree lopping.