Sustainable Palm Oil Products For Men And Women

Palm oil is the new norm in the world. Its use is increasing as new day sets in. Over the past few years,  palm oil production has gained both positive and negative attention. The production of oil involves the emission of a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, leading to global warming.

Sustainable Palm Oil Products For Men And Women

Conserving the environment is the responsibility of every person on the globe. We do this to repair the damage we’ve done and to preserve the environment for future generations.  Also, to maintain our species diversity, provide opportunities for education, and enjoyment of the environment.

It is therefore advisable that you only purchase palm oil products that are produced using sustainable palm oil. Check if they have the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification or other recognizable sustainability program certifications.

Here are the products to check out.


Not all makeup products have palm oil in them but there are some that do. Companies like PHB Ethical Beauty, Lush, and Odylique are known for producing sustainable palm oil products. Next time you are in the stores shopping for your makeup, be sure to go through the ingredients and make your purchase.


Perfumes are not left behind when it comes to sustainable palm oil. There are many perfumes for both men and women, produced using sustainable palm oil. Lush perfume production company is one of them.


Research shows that there are hardly any palm-free products in the markets. There are, however, deodorants that are produced using sustainable palm oils.  Companies like Lush and Nivea make their deodorants with sustainable palm oil for men and women. They have met the RSPO guidelines.


Both men and women use sunscreens for obvious reasons. Give your favorite sunscreen a look before buying it next time to see whether it meets the palm oil production guidelines. Companies like Nivea and Eucerin are among the few that produce their sunscreens using sustainable palm oils.

Laundry detergents

Even though some detergents rarely list their ingredients, some have been produced based on sustainable palm oil. Companies like Sodasan, Suma, and Sonett produce products that are certified by RSPO. Focusing on their detergent products will play a great role in conserving our environment.

You may not cook with it but you most definitely use or eat palm oil. It’s the world’s most widely consumed vegetable oil, used in many packaged products sold in supermarkets.

You can change what you want to see in the world by only using sustainable palm oil products.

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