The Stages of Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting

The Stages of Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting

Depending on the size of your business, you should be aware of certain stages of commercial cleaning & Disinfecting in Dallas. This includes everything from restocking products to sanitizing high-touch surfaces.


Using the two-stage commercial cleaning & Disinfecting in Dallas process in your commercial space can help to reduce the number of germs and odors. This is particularly important in a food preparation area.

The first step is to remove visible debris. This may include rubbish from tabletops or food scraps. During this phase, a squeegee, a paper towel, or a dry cloth can be used to wipe down surfaces.

A second step involves using a detergent to break down surface dirt and grease. This can be done using hot water or a good quality detergent. Again, using a suitable cleaning product is the best way to kill bacteria and fungi and remove surface grime.

The final stage involves drying the surface. This is not as important as the first two stages, but it does help to eliminate any residual germs.


Commercial cleaning and disinfecting services are an excellent way to protect your facility from pathogens. It can also give you peace of mind. However, before hiring a company, check the sanitizing agents and compare them to other companies.

Commercial cleaning & Disinfecting in Dallas companies must submit applications and wait for approval before providing services. Once they have the support, they can expand their business and target different clientele. In addition, they can add new employees to help them grow.

The EPA regulates the products used in sanitizing. These products must be registered, follow the label directions, and meet the proper dwell time for each organism. They are also not allowed to make claims about the viruses they kill.

Prioritizing high-touch surfaces

Creating a cleaning program to prioritize high-touch surfaces effectively lowers the risk of infections spreading in your workplace. A good program will also improve employee morale.

There are several methods to clean and disinfect these areas. The most efficient uses of your time and resources include using the correct type of cleaners, performing the appropriate maintenance, and keeping these areas clean and clutter-free. The CDC recommends using EPA-certified products. The proper disinfection of these areas is best maintained with regular professional cleaning services.

A proper cleaning and disinfection regimen should be paired with frequent handwashing, and a thorough wipe-down at least twice a day is recommended. If a workplace has very young children or if the area is bustling, it may be necessary to clean more often.

Restocking products

Purchasing and restocking products for commercial cleaning and disinfecting is a daunting task. The best thing to do is to enlist the services of an expert. The cost of a consultant will be a fraction of the total expenditure, and your staff will be able to refocus on more pressing concerns. After all, you want to spend your days doing something more productive than racking credit card points.

The first task is to make sure you have a designated point of contact in charge of restocking your wares. Then, in a pinch, you can use a service such as Grainger’s e-commerce offerings to place an order for your hard-to-find supplies. The company also provides an auto-reordering feature if you prefer to take the driver’s seat. The next step is to get your hands on a supply list or an inventory of products you need to restock.


Keeping your workplace free of infection and safe for employees and visitors is essential. However, while disinfecting is a critical step, it is only sometimes necessary.

There are several methods for commercial cleaning and disinfecting. The most effective is cleaning thoroughly. You can use sprays, mops, and various other tools. However, if you are using chemicals, you need to be careful.

To disinfect, you should use disinfectants that are EPA-registered. These include Clorox, Lysol, and several name-brand products. They are known to kill coronavirus.

The CDC recommends that businesses clean and disinfect all areas regularly. Some of these include bathrooms, kitchens, and shared workspaces. You can also disinfect with household bleach or alcohol solutions. The concentration of the solution determines the effectiveness of these disinfectants.

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